Migration of On-Prem Oracle DBs into a public cloud

To meet availability requirements and operational security, all stages of the Oracle databases in the company were migrated to a public cloud. First, the technical planning for the migration of all databases was drawn up, including an inventory of all applications involved. The migration was then prepared using Dataguard and thoroughly checked for functionality and … Read more

Green-Field conception of a private cloud

The Task Through the mediation of a leading provider of cloud products, we were able to plan the architecture of a complete private cloud infrastructure, supervise its implementation and organize the onboarding of developers. The “catch” of the project: no internet access. This type of infrastructure, also known as dark site or airgapped environment, poses … Read more

Parallel execution of sequential code

Based on a sequential PL/SQL code, a runtime environment was created that was not allowed to change the logic of the existing code, but had to allow a secure parallelization of the same. The deployment process was initially switched from a centrally used database to a methodology that allowed development based on tickets with a … Read more