Adapting to a new working environment

Jan Gönnecke

Adapting to a new working environment

The years after 2020

The new situation that has arisen for everyone due to the global pandemic in 2020 has also changed work in IT. For us, this meant that our consultants’ travel activities were significantly reduced or even eliminated. However, we quickly became aware of an advantage that should not be underestimated: location independence.

By adapting our work in IT, we are now able to support customers throughout Europe without having to plan large project budgets. This can significantly increase productivity. We still prefer to meet in person for certain appointments – the exchange of information during a coffee break or over lunch unfortunately cannot yet be transferred to short online meetings.

Independence of employees

Our employees also appreciate this decentralized working environment. Especially in the private sphere, jobs come with a fixed location for the partner. In order to keep the knowledge we have built up within the company and to always be able to offer the required expertise, we have no fixed location requirements for our employees. In our experience, this is rewarded with a high degree of personal responsibility and a high level of motivation.