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In everything we do, our motto is “When we do something, we do it right”. For this reason, we rely on our own laboratories to test new technologies and attach great importance to employees being able to score points not with a large number of certificates but with knowledge acquired in real environments.

The colleagues at iD CONCEPT are always good for a surprise. Even in the event of unforeseen problems in projects, expert contacts are quickly available.

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Our Services

Cloud Transformation

As one of the first service providers in Germany, we have become an implementation partner with Pivotal in the cloud foundry environment in various industries. From this experience in terms of methodology and the correct use of cloud resources in the company, we want to offer our customers the added value they deserve.


Database Services

As a long-standing core business, this branch of our company has remained one of our core activities. Our customers particularly appreciate our in-depth knowledge of the processing logic of various DBMSs and the associated impact on SQL design and architectural features.


Cyber Security

Security should be considered in all implementations. Thanks to our background knowledge in the various IT areas involved in communication between systems, we have never once been able to surprise our customers with information about potential security vulnerabilities.



Every system is only as efficient as the people who operate it. For this reason, it is very important to us to give our customers the opportunity to gain knowledge in these areas through workshops. We prefer individual training on systems at the customer’s premises. This is the only way to convey the necessary nuances.


DevOps / DevSecOps

The automation of processes has a major impact on operational security and the comparability of environments. Manual interactions with IT inevitably lead to deviations and thus to problems in operations and the security structure. Automated tests help with staging decisions and enable short release cycles.


AI / Künstliche Intelligenz

Now that everyone is talking about LLMs, we would like to introduce you to the options and benefits of using other AI variants. These can be decisions about alerting, monitoring or data analysis processes.



From various projects, we have gained experience in front-end/back-end development, framework development and API control. Due to our focus on automation, scripting in various languages is a part of almost every project.



The quality and knowledge of feasibility and its realistic timeframes are crucial to any project schedule. Thanks to a strong technical background, our project managers are able to assess risks and incorporate them into the planning accordingly. If this is not possible in terms of personal expertise, the relevant knowledge is not far away in the company.