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IT consulting with background

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Delivering the best outcome for your IT project – since year 2000

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Fujitsu Technology Partner of the year

Years of successful knowledge delivery until this day

Implementing DevOps / DevSecOps

Security and efficiency by design and not by chance

Long-standing returning clients

The quality of our services is recognized across all industries

“We are looking for an experienced partner to help us implement new technologies, save costs and automate our IT environment.”

Does this sound familiar? We offer state of the art knowledge in multiple areas. This helps us to come up with the best solution for your project.

iD Concept helped us to solve a production-critical problem within one day, even though the official support did not come up with a solution for 4 weeks. The developed code was merged into the upstream repository.

Energy systems manufacturing client

Our services

Cloud Transformation

Existing infrastructures and applications need to be transformed for the cloud age. We provide experience from low-level to the application layer.

Database services

Concept and implementation of automation, performance tuning, migration and HA/DR tasks. With over 100 years of total experience!

Cyber Security

Security of IT infrastructures is a topic often sacrificed to complexity of implementation and ease of usage. Let’s find solutions to this.


Getting in depth knowledge about the technologies used or about to be implemented is an ongoing process. We want to provide specialized knowledge transfer in your environment.

DevOps / DevSecOps

Self-Service, automation and equal results across stages. We can help implement strategies to boost the productivity of your team to a whole new level.


We can support you in kicking of your new AI projects, finding the best suited algorithms and realizing your idea.

Software development

From PL/SQL to Java, over NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript and Dart. We have developers for multiple languages and implemented projects for clients in various environments.


A good project manager can be the difference between success and failure of your endeavor. We offer experienced personnel in agile and conventional management techniques.

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