Cloud Transformation

From on-premise infrastructure into the cloud

Cloud computing should not be understood as “someone else has the data center”. In this case, the costs are usually increased unnecessarily and the benefits are not fully exploited.

We offer you sound advice with experience from a wide range of industries, whether in the dark site or the online company. The maximum success of your project is our priority.


CI/CD and DevOps/DevSecOps

The automation of processes has a major impact on operational security and the comparability of environments. Manual interactions with IT inevitably lead to deviations and thus to problems in operations and the security structure. Automated tests help with staging decisions and enable short release cycles.

Infrastructure as Code

Carry out recurring tasks in the infrastructure area with consistency, from the setup to the configuration of components. The ability to store configuration in GIT repositories puts the comparison of infrastructure on the same level as software comparisons.

Application Development

Application development in the cloud follows its own rules. In general, the assumption of a 99.999% available basic service is not applied and instead the assumption of outages is used. As far as possible, customer-side components should be able to operate independently of service failures and only small parts should be affected by individual failures.


As the de facto standard in container provisioning, Kubernetes has paved the way into the data center / cloud infrastructures of companies. The security and the possibility of lean provision of classic services makes K8s one of the best intermediate steps on the way to cloud-native applications.

Cloud Foundry

As a platform for providing runtime environments for code with automatic linking of services based on manifests with the option of autoscaling, Cloud Foundry offers a further step towards the abstraction of applications and dependencies. Developers can focus on the code they produce. The platform handles the rest.

Private Cloud

We can now also provide sound support in planning and implementing private cloud approaches. Whether the security guidelines do not permit the use of a public cloud or whether you want to operate the services without access to the Internet – please contact us.

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